辦公室行政 - 確認會議細節

Personal assistant:Hi, Richard. Can we discuss our product demonstration now?
Boss:Oh Nelly, sure. Thanks for reminding me of it. It totally slipped my memory. Yes. What do we need to cover?
Personal assistant:Well, to begin with, we need to decide if we want to hold it in our office or somewhere else, say a hotel. Which one would you prefer?
Boss:I see. Well, since it's only a low-margin product, better save costs. Just book a conference room downstairs. We don't expect a big turnout anyway.
Personal assistant:No problem, Richard. So I'll just arrange a slot in our conference room for you. Is it 25th February as we planned? A.m. or p.m.? Oh, wait a minute. It can’t be p.m. as you are attending a meeting at…
Boss:No, no, no. I'm not joining this demonstration. Simon’s agreed to speak that day. But we need to ask him and the other directors. So, any day in the week of 22nd–26th will do.
Personal assistant:I see, so Simon's going. We offer 22nd–26th. Okay. Which directors should I ask?
Boss:Let me see. Marketing and Product Directors are a must.Who else? Ask Sarah, I mean the PR Manager as well. Choose a slot to fit them all and of course Simon.
Personal assistant:Maybe also the QA Manager? It sounds relevant here.
Boss:Good idea. But Anna will be on leave starting next week.Anyway, please call those people to confirm a slot.
Personal assistant:No problem. What about the equipment? What should I book for the demo? The conference room has a computer and two projectors already. Should I book microphones and laser pointers, too?
Boss:Yes, I think so. But better catch up with Simon, for the exact numbers. By the way, make sure you ask him what software he needs for his demo because you need to get the technician to install it on the computer. Speaking of the technician, I think we should make sure we have at least two to stand by there.
Personal assistant:I know what you mean. So I'll contact Simon for the equipment, the hardware and software he needs and book two technicians. Got that. Hey, Richard, I have a suggestion to make here because last time...
Boss:Yes, go ahead.
Personal assistant:Last time when we had our new camera demonstration, you know, that was a press event, but some of the visitors weren't really reporters.
Boss:Yes. Amy was furious about it. Are you going to suggest using name tags or something?
Personal assistant:Yes, for easy identification and as a parking permit as well.
Boss:Thanks for your suggestion, Nelly. Frankly, I don't think there'll be so many people this time, as I've just said. It's only a sideline product. But your idea is good for our VIP guests that day. Say, directors, suppliers and partners.
Personal assistant:Yes. Then we can book the same number of parking spaces because most of them will drive.
Boss:Good idea. Are we going to serve them refreshments?
Personal assistant:What do you prefer, outside catering? We had Luxe Hotel to help last time.
Boss:No, no, no! That was awful.
Personal assistant:Do you have any suggestions? What about the Savoy?They have a vegetarian option. Maybe that will suit the directors’ diet.
Boss:Very thoughtful of you, Nelly. Before I forget, when you call the directors and managers, please do ask for their preference and offer to make arrangements for them because…

私人助理:首先,我們要決定究竟在我們的辦公室,還是其他地方,例如在酒店舉行。 你想在哪兒呢?
私人助理:你喜歡到會餐飲服務嗎?上次我們有Luxe Hotel提供到會。