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Sponsorship Projects 2021/22 - 中國中學生作文大賽(香港賽區)得獎作品選
Sponsorship Projects 2021/22 - 中國中學生作文大賽(香港賽區)講座錄影
Sponsorship Projects 2021/22 - 保良局主辦 第十二屆全港小學校際辯論賽 Debate Class
Promotion of Putonghua (2021/22-2022/23): “Chinese Classics Storytelling Competition” Putonghua storytelling examples (2021/22)
Programmes on Supporting Non-Chinese Speakers in Learning Chinese (2019/20 and 2020/21): “DIY Learn Chinese with Fun” e-book, e-flash cards and mobile applications
Promotion of Chinese (2021/22-2022/23): “Profiles of Historical & Modern Characters: Values” Radio drama scripts and interviews (2021/22)
Sponsorship Projects 2021/22「生日報的發現與分享 ─ 錢鋼老師的中文課」Learning and Teaching Resources
Sponsorship Projects 2021/22 - "Tell-A-Tale" Children's Storytelling Competition (Story Writing Kit)
Sponsorship Projects 2021/22 - "Tell-A-Tale" Children's Storytelling Competition (Storytelling Kit)
Promotion of Putonghua - "Drama Dreams Taking Off" Student Training Programme for Putonghua Drama Ambassadors (2019-2021)
Sponsorship Projects 2020/21 – "Tell A Tale" – Children's Storytelling Competition, Hong Kong 2020/21 (Story Writing Book)
Sponsorship Projects 2020/21 – National Essay Writing Competition (Hong Kong)
Promotion of Putonghua - “Drama Dreams Taking Off” Putonghua Training Programme for Drama Ambassadors (2017-2019)
Promotion of Chinese – Reading and Writing My City: Literary Walks for Junior Secondary School Students (2015-2019)
Promotion of Chinese – Young Writers Training Programme (2013-2019)
Promotion of Putonghua – Hong Kong Senior Secondary Students Putonghua Public Speech Competition 2017
Promotion of Chinese – Chinese Cultural Readings for non-Chinese Speaking Students: Historical Personages (2017)
Promotion of Chinese – "Learning Chinese with the News" App (2017)
Promotion of Putonghua 2010/11 – Putonghua Training Programme for Student Ambassadors – Service Industry
Promotion of Putonghua 2010/11 – TV Programme “粵普對照生活通”
Promotion of Chinese – Table of Chinese words that may easily cause "lazy articulation" in Cantonese (2009)
Promotion of Chinese – Debating Tips (2006)