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Workplace English 2nd phase funding starts tomorrow
15 June 2000


The Steering Committee on the Workplace English Campaign will start receiving applications for the second phase of its Funding Scheme for employees tomorrow (16 June).

To enable more employees to benefit from the funding scheme, the Steering Committee has introduced the following changes to make the conditions for funding more flexible:

  • Applicants may take up to a maximum of three training courses, with a maximum funding of $1,500 per course and examination, i.e. maximum $4,550 per applicant;
  • Applicants may re-sit for an examination within a period of four months upon completion of a training course should they fail in their first attempt; and
  • Applicants may take a single-skill course and examination for either the written or spoken benchmarks.

New application forms and guidelines will be available at major post offices and district offices, and can also be downloaded at the Workplace English Campaign's website ( from 16 June onwards.

No deadline will be set for application, subject to the availability of funds on a first-come-first-served basis.

As part of the year-long Workplace English Campaign, the funding scheme provides subsidies to meet 50% of employees' training costs and examination fees.  Grants will be given to applicants in the form of reimbursement after they have completed a training course and attained the relevant English-language benchmarks by taking specific English tests.

Applications can be submitted by individual employees as well as by companies on behalf of their employees.

The first phase of the funding scheme closed for application last month, with more than 5 000 employees approved for funding, involving a commitment of about $7.5 million.