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BoE and SCOLAR discuss Medium of Instruction Policy
12 February 2001


An Education Department officer briefed members of the Board of Education (BoE) and the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) on the recommendations made by the Steering Committee on the Study on "Two-Mode" Instruction in Secondary Schools, including the Study's background, objectives, design framework and schedule of implementation at the joint meeting of the two bodies today (12 February).

He stressed that the medium of instruction policy with the use of mother-tongue as the principal language in teaching would be upheld and students' acquisition of subject knowledge and development of high-order thinking skills would be enhanced in an environment with the least language barrier.

Members generally accepted the spirit and direction of the Study, but were of the view that the skepticism and worry of the public should be addressed by, for instance, revising the name of the Study to clearly define its objectives to stress on its supporting role.

Members also felt that the Study must be aimed at enhancing students' learning ability and that representatives from BoE and SCOLAR should be co-opted into the Steering Committee to promptly reflect their stance and opinions in mapping out details of the Study.

It was also resolved that BoE and SCOLAR would convene joint meetings again to exchange views on the long-term development of the medium of instruction policy.