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Artiste Kelly Chen supports Workplace English Campaign
9 April 2002


The Workplace English Campaign (WEC) will embark on a new round of publicity in late April, which will focus on the Funding Scheme for Workplace English Training where employees are provided with subsidy on English training courses and recognised examinations.

Artiste Kelly Chen has kindly accepted the invitation by SCOLAR to take part in the shooting of the newest publicity programme for WEC.  She will star in a new series of Announcements in the Public Interest (APIs) and outdoor publicity photos as part of the Campaign's publicity drive.

Speaking at an API pre-shooting press session today (9 April), Chairman of SCOLAR Mr Michael Tien said that Miss Chen was a good role model to Hong Kong people, and her success and popularity in the entertainment industry had transcended boundaries.

"We are most grateful that she is rendering full support to the Workplace English Campaign," he added.

In the Campaign's new TV APIs, Miss Chen will act as the host to introduce four companies which have benefited from the Funding Scheme.  Employers and employees sharing how they have successfully made use of the Scheme will be featured in the APIs.

"I'm delighted to be involved in the Workplace English Campaign and to be able to share my experience in learning English with the people of Hong Kong," Miss Chen said.

"I have no doubt that one needs to master good English skills to achieve success in this globalised world economy," she added.

Launched in February 2000, the objectives of WEC are to heighten public awareness of the importance of English and to raise the English standard of the Hong Kong workforce.  The Campaign is now managed under the aegis of SCOLAR.

Thus far, the Campaign has received nearly 25 000 applications for funding subsidy, among which over 16 000 applications have been approved for funding, involving an amount of over $24 million.  A total of 8 000 of the approved applications have successfully completed their training and passed the international tests.

Regarding course development applications, 21 industry-specific training courses (including courses for taxi-drivers, frontline staff in retail business, lawyers, transport and logistic personnel, restaurant frontline service personnel and accountants) have been or are being developed.