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Appointments to SCOLAR announced
26 June 2009


The Secretary for Education, Mr Michael Suen, today (26 June) announced the appointment of Professor Cheng Kai-ming as Chairman of the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) for two years with effect from 1 July.

Professor Cheng is the Senior Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor of The University of Hong Kong, with extensive experience in teacher education and profound knowledge of the local and overseas education systems.  He was the Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Teacher Education and Qualifications (ACTEQ) from 2002 to 2008.

Mr Suen said, "Professor Cheng is a reputable educationalist who is well-versed in education matters.  He is not only committed to building a professional teaching force, but is also renowned in the area of educational research and has undertaken researches and consultancies commissioned by international organisations.  The appointment of Professor Cheng will help lead SCOLAR to continue its promotion of biliteracy and trilingualism."

Mr Suen also re-appointed five other serving members and appointed seven new members to SCOLAR for two years.

He thanked the outgoing Chairman, Mr Michael Tien.  "Mr Tien has been an outstanding Chairman of SCOLAR by leading SCOLAR untiringly to conduct a comprehensive review of the language education in Hong Kong, which laid a solid foundation for the future development of language education," he said.

"The initiatives introduced by SCOLAR have helped improve Hong Kong people's language proficiency.  Under the leadership of Mr Tien, SCOLAR has provided invaluable professional advice and steering for the launch of these initiatives.  Mr Tien's dedication and valuable contribution to the work of SCOLAR is appreciated."

Mr Suen also thanked the outgoing members, namely, Mr Stephen C. W. Chan, Mrs Shirley Duthie, Ms Junia Ho, Ms Caroline Mak Sui-king, Dr Evelyn Man, Mrs Or Ho Yim-ching and Dr Wong Pui-kwong, for their contribution to the work of SCOLAR.

"The Government will continue to work closely with SCOLAR in gauging the views of different sectors in the community to maintain quality language education," he said.

The membership list of SCOLAR with effect from 1 July is

Professor CHENG Kai-ming

Re-appointed Members

  • Ms Quince CHONG
  • Ms Desirae NG Kit-chee
  • Mr SO Wai-ming
  • Ms WONG Fung-yee
  • Ms Mary WONG

Newly Appointed Members

  • Professor Stephen ANDREWS
  • Professor CHAN Shui-duen
  • Dr HO Hau-ching
  • Ms Jane LEUNG Chui-chun
  • Ms Amy Blanche TANG Oi-lam
  • Mr Raphael TONG Tai-wai
  • Dr Anson YANG

Ex-officio Members

  • Deputy Secretary for Education
  • Chairperson of Curriculum Development Council's Committee on Chinese Language Education
  • Chairperson of Curriculum Development Council's Committee on English Language Education
  • Chairperson of Curriculum Development Council's Committee on Early Childhood Education
  • Chairperson of Advisory Committee on Teacher Education and Qualifications or his representative
  • Secretary-General of Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority or his representative

SCOLAR was set up in 1996 to advise the Government on language education issues and the use of the Language Fund.