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Applications for Workplace English Training Course Development Grant
24 February 2003


The Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) announced today (24 February) that the Funding Scheme for Workplace English Training was calling for applications for course development grants.

Employers' associations, trade organisations and professional bodies wishing to develop English training courses specifically targeted at employees in their fields should apply to SCOLAR on or before 31 March 2003.

The requirements and conditions for course development applications are as follows 

(a) Eligibility Employers' associations, trade/industry organisations and professional bodies are eligible for subsidy under the Scheme. Training institutions, testing bodies and organisations that run profit-making training courses are not eligible to apply;
(b) Funding Subsidy Funding will be provided to meet 50% of the costs of course development, subject to a maximum grant of HK$500,000 for each applicant institution; and
(c) Evaluation Criteria Applications will be evaluated on the basis of the cost-effectiveness, feasibility and methodology of the proposed courses as well as the track records of the applicant institutions (including those course developers which are commissioned to develop the courses).

"A vetting panel comprising members of SCOLAR will be formed to consider the applications received, on the basis of individual merits and subject to the availability of funds.  SCOLAR will have the final say in accepting or rejecting an application," said a SCOLAR spokesman.

Since the commencement of the Funding Scheme in March 2000, 27 applications from various trade associations and professional bodies for course development have been received. Seventeen of them were approved, involving a total grant of $1.3 million.

Information about the Funding Scheme and the application form (Form C) can be downloaded from the Scheme's website at  Interested parties may submit their applications to the address below in person or by mail before 5:00 p.m. on 31 March 2003:

SCOLAR Support Unit 
Education and Manpower Bureau 
9/F Wu Chung House 
213 Queen's Road East 
Hong Kong

Late or faxed/emailed applications will NOT be accepted.  No further course development applications will be accepted under the Funding Scheme after the deadline.  For enquiries, please contact Miss Louisa Yam at 2892 6558 (tel), 2801 7732 (fax), or (email).

Launched in February 2000, the Funding Scheme for Workplace English Training is financed by the Language Fund and provides subsidies for employees to attend training courses and international business English tests.  It also provides employers' associations, trade organisations and professional bodies with subsidies for the development of English training courses specifically targeted at employees in their fields.  The latter, in particular, aims to address training needs that have not been served by courses available on the market.