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SCOLAR advises the Government on language education issues in general, and in particular:

(i) To advise on the overall policy on language education, including the medium of instruction;
(ii) To advise on the setting of language standards, including general goals for language learning at different levels of education and specific language attainment targets at each stage of education;
(iii) To advise on measures to be adopted to attain the standards mentioned in (ii) above;
(iv) To identify research and development projects which are necessary for the enhancement of language proficiency and language in education, and to implement or oversee the satisfactory completion of such projects;
(v) To co-ordinate all research and development activities relating to language proficiency by relevant agencies; monitor their progress, evaluate their effectiveness, and make recommendations to the Government accordingly;
(vi) To develop and promote a public education and information programme in respect of language proficiency issues; and
(vii) To advise the Trustee of the Language Fund on policies and procedures governing the operation of the Language Fund, and to provide such assistance as the Trustee may require to support, directly or indirectly, the enhancement of the language proficiency of the community.