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Vocational Chinese Language Programme for non-Chinese Speaking School Leavers

Post-secondary institutions/training organisations are invited to develop and operate the Vocational Chinese Language courses pegged at Level 1 or 2 of the Qualifications Framework (QF) for non-Chinese speaking (NCS) school leavers.  These courses aim at enhancing NCS school leavers' capability and confidence in listening, speaking, reading and writing in Chinese (especially in reading and writing), helping them obtain qualifications recognised by the Government and different sectors, and enhancing their employability. Up to 85% of the tuition fee could be reimbursed to a participant after fulfilling the relevant requirements in attendance or assessment.

Course Information

Course Provider: Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service
Qualifications Framework Level: Level 1
For details, please visit the link below:

Course Provider: Yale-China Chinese Language Centre, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Qualifications Framework Level: Level 2
For details, please visit the link below: