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Grant Schemes

SCOLAR launched the "Professional Development Incentive Grant Scheme for Language Teachers" in April 2004 to encourage serving Chinese Language and English Language teachers who joined the teaching profession before the 2004/05 school year to enhance their subject knowledge and pedagogy in the language they teach.

Each applicant may receive 50% of the tuition fee of the recognised programme of study upon successful completion of the relevant programme of study. The maximum subsidy level has been adjusted upwards from $62,500 to $84,000 per eligible teacher starting from 1 September 2021. Please note that the reimbursement conditions remain unchanged. Retrospective arrangements are only applicable to those applicants completing the relevant programmes of studies from January to August 2021. There is NO arrangement to top up the subsidy for the programmes of studies completed on or before 31 December 2020.

Applications for earmarking/release of grant are processed on a first come, first served basis. The time taken for processing an application depends on individual case and the number of applications received at a particular time. Under normal circumstances, the Scheme will notify the applicant of the result/progress within 30 working days after the receipt of the application. During the peak season (July to October), the time taken will be about two months.


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