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English Language Programmes for Secondary Schools

The theme of English Alliance 2023/24 is "Authentic and Creative Use of English", with emphasis on improving students' English proficiency through exposure in authentic and creative contexts; building students' confidence in using the language as well as offering an enjoyable and meaningful English learning experience.  A series of educational, creative, meaningful, fun and interactive programmes for secondary students will be launched in the 2023/24 school year with details below.

Project Partner Project / Programme Type of Activity Target Level Contact Outline & School Enrolment
Centre for Language Education and Multiliteracies Research, Faculty of Education, CUHK From reading to collaborative writing with 21st century skills (for KS3) English writing workshops S1 – S2 students 3943 3177
The English-Speaking Union (Hong Kong) Limited English-In-Action: Reader's Theatre English reader's theatre workshops S1 – S5 students 6903 2639
Impromptu Speaking: give a short speech with little or no preparation English impromptu speaking workshops S2 – S5 students 6903 2639
The HKFYG Institute for Leadership Development Limited Gen-Z Communication Studio – "Speaking for All" School Workshops Public speaking workshops (Elementary level) S1 – S6 students 2169 0255
Gen-Z Communication Studio – Exposure Activities: Public Speaking Enhancement Training Joint-school public speaking training sessions (Elementary level) S1 – S6 students 2169 0255
Gen-Z Communication Studio – Chamber Debate Club and Annual Chamber Debate Joint-school debate training sessions (Intermediate level) S3 – S6 students 2169 0255
Gen-Z Communication Studio – The Youth Boardroom Joint-school advanced communication training sessions (Advanced level) S4 – S6 students 2169 0255
Gen-Z Communication Studio – "Train-the-Trainer" Workshops for Teachers Training for teachers on communication training Secondary school teachers 2169 0255


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