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English Language Programmes for Primary Schools

The English Alliance 2017/18 and 2018/19 which is themed on "English in Action" provides primary and secondary school students with pleasurable English language experiences for arousing their interest in English, developing an appreciation of the language as well as boosting their confidence in using it. A new series of educational, creative, meaningful, fun and interactive programmes for primary school students was launched in the 2017/18 school year. Details of the programmes are as follows:


Name of Programme Name of 
Programme Partner
Code Target 
Details of Programme Application 
Story Monster for Primary Schools The Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection Company Limited AF01P P4 – P6 
Download Full
Hello From Me Cyclone Publishing Limited CP01P P4 – P6 students Download Full
Theatre-in-Education Performance of The Journal of Jeremiah Scrimshaw Dramatic English Educational Repertory Theatre Limited DE01P P4 – P5 students Download Full
Rugby English Active Learning Hong Kong Rugby 
RB01P P4 – P6 
Download Full
Story Quest Teacup Productions (HK) Limited TP01P P1 – P3
Download Full