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Language Landscape Studies for Hong Kong – Gap Analysis Study

Gap Analysis Study was commissioned in 2017 with a view to identifying the gaps, if any, between the local employers' requirements and expectations of English language competencies of their employees, and the local employees' self-perceived English language competencies. The Study involved two phases. In-depth interviews and focus group discussions were carried out with 40 employers and 20 employees in Phase I, whereupon a questionnaire survey was conducted with around 100 employers and 1,000 employees in Phase II.


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Thematic Household Survey ── Use of Language

To track the changes of the language landscape of Hong Kong, SCOLAR commissioned the Census and Statistics Department to study the use of language of the people of Hong Kong through Thematic Household Survey in 2012, 2015, and 2018 respectively. Findings can be found in the Thematic Household Survey Reports published by the Census and Statistics Department.


Findings of the Thematic Household Survey 2018
Findings of the Thematic Household Survey 2015
Findings of the Thematic Household Survey 2012

Study on the Use of Language in the Workplace of Hong Kong 2012

The Study, involving both quantitative and qualitative elements, examined the problems and challenges of working adults of different age and occupation in the use of language at the workplace of Hong Kong. The Study covered both employers and employees across five major industry sectors in Hong Kong which involved more than half of the working population of Hong Kong. The five industry sectors were transport and logistics, retail, banking, import and export, and hospitality.


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