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Project on Supporting non-Chinese Speaking Children in Learning Chinese

This programme aims to motivate non-Chinese speaking (NCS) children aged 3 to 12 to learn Chinese through activities such as games and creative arts in collaboration with non-profit making organisations.


Project Information

Project Title: The Multi-Fun Chinese Learning Experience Project for Non-Chinese Speaking Children in Hong Kong

Organiser: Integrated Brilliant Education Limited

This project aims to cultivate the interest of NCS children aged 5 to 12 in learning Chinese through seven interesting Chinese cultural activities such as traditional handicraft workshop and Chinese calligraphy class. The organiser takes NCS children to their communities to have more exposure to Chinese.

Project Title: “Joining Opportunities for Non-Chinese Youngsters” Chinese Learning Support Programme

Organiser: Methodist Epworth Village Community Centre, Social Welfare

A series of activities such as Chinese learning groups, community learning activities, and reading companion scheme are organised to nurture the interest of NCS children aged 3 to 12 in learning Chinese. NCS parents are provided with the opportunity to learn together with their children.