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Over 11 000 students participate in territory-wide English Camp
2 March 2002


Over 11 000 students from local schools, international schools and universities today (2 March) took part in Day 1 of a two-day English Language Camp for Primary 4 students initiated by the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) and organised by the Education Department. Day 2 of the camp will be held next Saturday (9 March).

The primary objective of the Camp is to help Primary Four students overcome the psychological barrier to speaking and using English through two days of lively and light-hearted activities, a spokesman for SCOLAR said.

"The Camp also provides a valuable opportunity to develop the leadership potential of secondary school students," he added.

About 280 secondary school teachers and 2 500 students from 62 secondary schools host the Camp in their schools for about 8 200 Primary 4 students (campers) from 75 primary schools across the territory.

In addition, about 420 students from 11 English School Foundation schools, international schools and two universities, took part in the Camp.  These students are either native-English speakers or possess near-native English proficiency.  They help provide an English-rich environment in the camp.

The Camp programme, designed by a team led by Dr Joseph Hung of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, includes a variety of fun-filled, language-rich activities which aimed at motivating the students to use English.

The two-day programme includes language games, songs, art and craft, storytelling, action rhymes, and a talent show, providing a relaxing and supportive language learning environment to the campers.

Preparation work for the Camp was carried out by a sub-committee formed under SCOLAR since April last year.  The sub-committee included SCOLAR members and representatives from the Grant Schools Council, Caput Schools Council, Subsidised Primary Schools Council, Hong Kong Subsidised Secondary Schools Council, Hong Kong Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools Council, Hong Kong Special Schools Council, Private Schools Association Ltd., the Union of Government Primary School Headmasters & Headmistresses, and the Association of Principals of Government Secondary Schools.