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Appointments to SCOLAR announced
27 June 2003


The Secretary for Education and Manpower, Professor Arthur K. C. Li, announced today (27 June) new appointments and re-appointments to the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) for the term from 1 July 2003 to 30 June 2005.

Six new members, drawn from local schools, universities, the business sector and the media, are appointed in their personal capacity to serve in SCOLAR.

They are Dr Wong Pui-kwong (Associate Professor, Department of Chinese, Translations and Linguistics of the City University of Hong Kong), Dr Evelyn Man (Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction of the Faculty of Education of the Chinese University of Hong Kong), Mrs Shirley Duthie (Headmistress and English Panel Chairperson, St Stephen's Girls' Primary School), Mrs Or Ho Yim-ching (Principal, Holy Trinity College), Ms Junia Ho (Managing Director, Relybase Consultants Ltd) and Mr Stephen Chan Chi-wan (Assistant General Manager, Television Broadcasting, Television Broadcasts Ltd).

Meanwhile, Mr Michael Tien, who served as a member from October 1996 to September 1998 and as Chairman from November 2000 to June 2003, has been re-appointed Chairman of the Committee for another two years.

Other re-appointed SCOLAR members are Professor Chan Wing-ming (Dean, School of Languages in Education of the Hong Kong Institute of Education); Dr Betty Chan (Director, Yew Chung Education Foundation); Ms Lau Siu-ling (Principal, Po Leung Kuk Mrs Chan Nam Cheong Memorial Primary School); Mr Tony Choi (Executive Director, Hong Kong Garment Manufacturing Co Ltd); and Ms Virginia Ng (Managing Director, DIYR Communications Ltd).

"We welcome the new members to SCOLAR.  Together with the ex-officio members who were appointed to SCOLAR on 1 April 2003, they will advise on the implementation of the recommendations of the Committee's language education review and other language education-related issues both inside and outside the school sector.  We look forward to working closely with SCOLAR to ensure the various initiatives recommended in the Committee's final review report will be effectively carried out," Professor Li said.

Professor Li also thanked the outgoing members, Dr Cheung Kwai-yeung, Ms Lina Fung, Ms Kendra Ip, Dr Donald Li, Dr Tse Shek-kam, Mrs Nancy Wong and Ms Yung Heung-hung for their contribution to the language education review and other undertakings of SCOLAR over the past years.

SCOLAR was set up in 1996 to advise the Government on language education issues.  It also advises on the use of the Language Fund.