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Logistics - Tracking of a courier pickup service
Workplace English Conversation

Customer service agent:Good morning. PowerLink Logistics, this is Susan Lee speaking. May I help you?
Customer:Good morning. I'm calling to schedule a courier pickup service.
Customer service agent:May I have your name and your account number, please?
Customer:Sure. This is Jason McDonald. My account number’s 753-1426D.
Customer service agent:Okay. 753-1426D, Mr McDonald. So your address is Lux Jewels, 5th Floor of the Pacific Place, right?
Customer:Yes, that's right. Please ask your courier to take the lift to the 5th Floor and he'll see our shop on his right-hand side.
Customer service agent:Thanks for the information, Mr McDonald. Our courier will come to collect your parcel at 11 a.m.

客戶服務員:早晨,歡迎致電PowerLink物流。我是Susan Lee,請問有甚麼可以幫你?
客戶:我叫Jason McDonald,帳號是753-1426D。