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Logistics - Responding request on tracking of shipment
Workplace English Conversation

Logistics assistant:Good afternoon, Mr Lee. How can I help you?
Customer:Good afternoon, Ms Rose. Um, I heard that our shipment of fresh fruits has been delayed for three days already and I'm really very worried about that. You know, our shop is opening in two days and we must have the best seasonal fruits ready, and all...
Logistics assistant:I understand your worry, Mr Lee. Let me just check.
Customer:Thank you. Please.
Logistics assistant:Yes, I can find the records. Your shipment’s in a cold storage, so the quality is not a big problem. Please don’t worry.
Customer:But, can I have them by the opening? I need to get something else, you know, if I can’t.
Logistics assistant:I'm very sorry to keep you waiting, Mr Lee. The airport’s already open, but we need to wait. There’re many aeroplanes waiting. It's very difficult.
Customer:The opening can’t wait. We've invited hundreds of guests. Ms Rose, I have to put up penalty on you if the shipment doesn't arrive by tomorrow.
Logistics assistant:I'm really very sorry, Mr Lee, but it's something we can’t control. We've paid for the cold storage already. We've done our best, Mr Lee. Would you like to speak to our manager?
Customer:Okay, maybe he can help.
Logistics assistant:I'm very sorry, Mr Lee. Please hold on a second. Let me get our manager to help.

顧客:但是, 我可以在開幕前收到貨物嗎?如不可以,我得找替代品。