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Import and Export - Selling product
Workplace English Conversation

Potential buyer:Excuse me. May I know how much that pizza cutter is?
Exhibitor:The unit price is $280. This is our latest design and I’m sure you won't find any similar products with other companies.Take a closer look.
Potential buyer:Thanks. Well, I really like it as the design’s quite special. But I'm afraid the price’s rather high.
Exhibitor:Well, seeing that you're a first-time customer, I could give you a special promotional offer. How many units are you thinking of?
Potential buyer:Um…I plan to order 1,000 units as a trial order and may place a larger order if our customers like it.
Exhibitor:Let me check. Well, our profit margin is so small. But we could offer you a reduction of 5% if you order more than 1,500 units.
Potential buyer:1,500 units is slightly too many for a trial order.We consider placing an order of 1,200 units at the maximum, provided that a 5% discount is offered.
Exhibitor:Hm…Alright.This is the best offer we can make at present. You won't find a better deal.
Potential buyer:Great! It’s a deal. Let's talk about the details of payment and delivery.