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Import and Export - Introducing product
Workplace English Conversation

Customer:Hi, I'm Jane Mayer. I am from the Purchasing Department of Asian Electronics. I'm looking for some light tubes for our new factory. And…I've seen a number of LED tubes of different brands. What's special about yours?
Exhibitor:Good question. Thanks, Miss Mayer. This is my card. Here, have a look at our catalog. Our tubes last 5,000 hours longer than most others in the market, which means your light tubes will work for at least 43,000 hours before you have to change them. This new product series features a new design for better light reflection, which reduces the loss of light to a mere 6%. This is a breakthrough in our industry. It comes in a variety of sizes, 3 feet, 5 feet and 8.
Customer:Okay. Could you give me a sample of this model so that we can try it and see?

客戶:我是Jane Mayer。我是亞洲電子採購部的。我正在為我們的新工廠尋找一些光管。我看過不同品牌的LED光管。你們的光管有何特別之處呢?