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Import and Export - Introducing new model
Workplace English Conversation

Exhibitor:Hello. My name's Vivian, Vivian Eastwood. I'm the Sales Director of Time Flies. It's very nice to meet you. Here's my name card.
Customer:Oh, thank you. Nice to meet you. Here’s my card.
Exhibitor:Thank you. Is there anything I can help you with?
Customer:Ah, yes. Can you tell me how this movement’s different from the previous one?
Exhibitor:Sure. Our new model ETA Automatic 404682 Watch Movement is developed by our research team. All parts are made with high-quality metals in Switzerland. It has a 48-hour power reserve and stands firm against shock, you see. It is also easy to handle and repair and it’s good for both very hot and cold weather.
Customer:Um, I see. Would you please send me a sample of the watch, too?

參展商:你好,我是Vivian,Vivian Eastwood。我是Time Flies的銷售總監。很高興認識你。這是我的名片。