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Import and Export - Handling change in delivery date
Workplace English Conversation

Supplier:Lee and Wong, Ray Lau speaking.
Buyer:Hello, Ray. This is Sam Kung from Synergy Lights.
Supplier:Oh! Hi, Sam. How can I help you?
Buyer:Well, I'm calling about the fairy lights we ordered for Christmas 3 days ago, those we want for 10th October. Anyway, I was thinking if you can do me a favour, in fact, a big favour.
Supplier:Wow, it sounds serious. Well, I'll see what I can do. What's it about?
Buyer:Well, instead of 10th October, I was wondering if you could deliver the lights to us earlier, say, on or before 15th September.
Supplier:Hm, I'm not very sure about that Sam. That's almost a month earlier.You know, I'd really love to help, but the problem is our production capacity can’t really cope with that. I don't think we can make it before 15th September, I'm afraid.
Buyer:I understand, Ray. Well, in fact I'm really sorry about the last-minute change. It's my fault, but the thing is we really need the lights urgently.
Supplier:Well, I'll see what I can do. Can you suggest another date? But it has to be after 15th September.
Buyer:Um, in that case, may I suggest 18th September, if it's possible?
Supplier:Hm, it doesn't look too good either, I'm afraid. You ordered 2,000 units, right? Well, I don't think we'll be able to get all the lights ready.
Buyer:Oh! But it's really urgent. Would it be possible for you to send part of the order to us on 18th September first? Since we really need it, it will be really helpful.
Supplier:Let me see. Hm. Well, I think I can send you 500 units on 18th September first, if you think that's alright.
Buyer:That would be great.
Supplier:Then, what about the remaining units? When do you want them?
Buyer:Well, it will be really great if you can send them to us on 21th September.
Supplier:Hm. Let me check. That should be fine.
Buyer:Thank you so much, Ray. You’re a lifesaver! I must really apologise for the sudden change.
Supplier:You’re welcome, Sam.

供應商:Lee and Wong公司,我是Ray Lau。
採購員:你好,Ray。我是Synergy 燈飾公司的Sam Kung。