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Import and Export - Declining change of order
Workplace English Conversation

Supplier:Hello. Winners Sports Equipment Supplies, Ruby Lin speaking.
Buyer:Hi, Ruby. It's Alan Garner from Top Sports.
Supplier:Hi, Alan. Nice to hear from you. How can I help you?
Buyer:Well, I'm actually calling about the tennis rackets that I ordered a month ago.
Supplier:Oh, yes, I remember, 1,000 SQ-7 tennis rackets. Well, don't worry. They are on their way to you now. You'll receive them very soon.
Buyer:Well, you know what, Ruby… how should I put it? Um, I'm aware that it might be a little too late now, but… I was wondering if it's possible to cancel part of our order. You see, we just need 500 rackets now, instead of the 1,000 we previously ordered. Sales have been rather slow lately and I think our current stock level can already satisfy demand.
Supplier:I'm sorry to hear that sales have not been going well, Alan. I would really love to help, but I'm afraid it's really a bit late now to cancel part of your order. The rackets have already been manufactured and they are already on their way to you. If we had received your request earlier, we would have been able to help you.
Buyer:Well, I know I'm asking for a really big favour, Ruby. But the thing is we’re really struggling with sales lately. And you know, since we've been doing business for such a long time already, I was thinking maybe you could make an exception this time.
Supplier:Well, Alan, you know, I certainly do not wish to refuse requests of any kind from regular customers like you, but in this particular case, we really cannot cancel the order and it's really rather late already.
Buyer:So, it sounds like there's really nothing you can do about it, right?
Supplier:Well, let me see what I can do. I'm not 100% sure if my boss will agree to this, but I’ll talk to him. If we give you an extension for payment, would that help? That will probably give you more time to manage sales and hopefully things will get better during the summer holiday.
Buyer:Well, that would certainly help, Ruby.
Supplier:I'll discuss it with my boss and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Buyer:Well, I can't thank you enough, Ruby. I hope to hear your good news.
Supplier:You're welcome, bye.

供應商:你好。Winners運動器材用品公司。我是Ruby Lin。
採購員:你好,Ruby。我是Top Sports公司的Alan Garner。