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Import and Export - Arranging urgent follow-up after delivery
Workplace English Conversation

Supplier:Hello. Wing Fat Office Supplies, Jack Tong speaking.
Buyer:Hi, Jack. It’s Karen Lee from Superb Printing and Advertising.
Supplier:Hi, Karen. Nice to hear from you. How can I help you?
Buyer:Well, I'm calling about the glossy inkjet paper I ordered from you last week. I'm afraid there's a problem with the paper.
Supplier:Oh! I'm sorry to hear that, Karen. May I know what exactly the problem is?
Buyer:Well, it's supposed to be waterproof, isn't it? But apparently it isn't. I found out when I accidentally spilled water on it. The images dissolved in an instant. I'm sure the paper is anything but waterproof.
Supplier:Oh! That's rather strange. We haven't had problems with that paper before. Anyway, I’m terribly sorry, Karen. I realise this must be frustrating for you.
Buyer:Well, to be honest, Jack, it is, especially when I have some very urgent printing to do. The timing couldn't be worse. You can't expect us to print our advertising materials with such paper, can you?
Supplier:Of course, you can’t, Karen. I realise that this is a priority for you, so I'll see to it immediately. I'll get on to our Delivery Department myself and make sure they send you the replacement paper as soon as possible.
Buyer:Thank you, Jack. But can you manage the delivery by noon tomorrow? We really need the paper urgently. We have a very tight deadline to meet.
Supplier:I totally understand, Karen. I will personally make sure that you receive the paper by noon tomorrow.
Buyer:Thank you so much, Jack.
Supplier:It's the least I can do, Karen. I can't apologise enough for the problem. I hope you'll understand that it's an isolated case and that we've always been very reliable.
Buyer:It’s okay, Jack. I understand. These things happen, I suppose.
Supplier:Thank you, Karen. I'll do my best to make sure that this won't happen again.
Buyer:Thanks for your assurance, Jack. Bye for now.

供應商:你好。Wing Fat辦公室用品公司。我是Jack Tong。
採購員:你好,Jack。我是Superb印刷廣告公司的Karen Lee。