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Beauty and Fitness - Understanding problems and suggesting solutions
Workplace English Conversation

Sales representative:Good morning. How are you?
Customer:Is Mandy here?
Sales representative:Um, sorry, Man...dy? You mean…
Customer:Mandy Wong.
Sales representative:Oh, Mandy Wong. Um, I'm sorry, but she's already…
Customer:Already what?
Sales representative:Oh, Mandy's already left our spa. Um, would you like us to set up an appointment for you with our new beautician, Cindy? She's very experienced and she is already…
Customer:Listen, I don't care if it is Mandy or Cindy. I've tried a new laser treatment and it doesn't work. This is extremely frustrating!
Sales representative:I'm terribly sorry about that, madam. Um, perhaps, would you tell me your name or your membership number?
Customer:What now? Are you trying to sell me another product or something?
Sales representative:Um...madam. I can't really help you if I don't have your information. Please.
Customer:Okay. My name is Annie Lewis. I have paid for 20 treatments of body hair removal.
Sales representative:I see. Let me input your details. Annie L-e…
Customer:Lewis. L-E-W-I-S.
Sales representative:Got it. Thanks, Miss Lewis. Right, according to our records, you have purchased 20 treatments.
Customer:And they don't work. I've told you!
Sales representative:I do apologise, Miss Lewis. Let me check your records. You've already had 14 treatments. So… what exactly do you mean? You mean you haven't had any results?
Customer:I was initially getting good results with one type of laser. Then when I switched to another type of laser for my 11th visit, it no longer worked.
Sales representative:Um. Yes, however, our records show you asked for the new treatment and signed a switching agreement.
Customer:Although I signed the agreement, the point is all my hair grew back 2 weeks later and it hadn’t been there for 2 months!
Sales representative:I realise that, Miss Lewis. But one thing you have to understand is the treatments don't work on everybody and the results can vary a lot. See, it's written clearly here on the service agreement that you've signed.
Customer:Of course I understand that. However it shouldn't make things worse! I switched to another type of laser after trying two treatments…
Sales representative:I think that’s the problem, Miss Lewis. It is advisable to stick to the same treatment long enough to see results. If you keep trying new treatments, your skin can’t adapt…
Customer:So what can I do now? Stop doing any treatment?
Sales representative:Miss Lewis, all you need is a treatment that's beneficial to you. You were quite happy with your first few treatments, weren’t you?
Customer:Well, you could say that.
Sales representative:So, if we let you re-do the 11th to 14th treatments with the first type of laser at half-price. What would you think?
Customer:Well, I suppose that's better. How much would I have to pay then?
Sales representative:Let me see. 50% off, so that's only $480.
Customer:One more thing, I don't want to see a new beautician every time.
Sales representative:No problem, Miss Lewis. How about if I follow up your case personally and make sure that you are served by the same consultant every time?
Customer:That would be terrific!
Sales representative:Thank you very much, Miss Lewis. Would you mind signing this new contract and handing it over…?

顧客:Mandy Wong。
銷售員:噢! Mandy Wong。很抱歉,她已經……
顧客:聽著, Mandy還是Cindy也沒關係。我試過新的激光治療,但沒有用。這令人非常沮喪!
顧客:好。我的名字是Annie Lewis,我繳付了20次脫毛療程的費用。
銷售員:明白。讓我輸入你的資料。Annie… L-e ...