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Beauty and Fitness - Persuading renewal of membership
Workplace English Conversation

Membership officer:Excuse me, sir. According to our record, your membership is going to expire soon.
Member:Is it? I thought I've still got 5 more months left.
Membership officer:Of course, you do. But would you like to renew your membership now? We’re currently having a special offer.
Member:Oh, really? Hm. But it's still a bit too early to renew right now, I guess. After all, I've still got 5 more months to go.
Membership officer:Yes, I understand. But if you renew it now, you can save $2,000. The original price is actually $8,500, but you only have to pay $6,500 for renewal now.
Member:Hm. I see. But… I guess I'll need some more time to think about it first.
Membership officer:That’s alright. But may I remind you that our offer only lasts for 2 more days?
Member:Really? Um… Well, you see, I'm actually thinking about joining a new gym. I've been working out here for quite some time already.
Membership officer:I see, but you know what, recently a lot of new members have joined us from other gyms. They told us that we are far better in terms of facilities and equipment. They also think that our gyms are much less crowded than other gyms.
Member:Really? Do they?
Membership officer:Yes, they do. No kidding! That's the reason why we’re the most preferred fitness centre among young professionals like lawyers and accountants, according to a survey conducted by AB Nielsen.
Membership officer:And I'm sure you know we’re the only fitness club in Hong Kong that offers free monthly personal training and fitness level assessment. As far as I'm aware, no other fitness centre in Hong Kong does that. And we also have the largest number of branches, not to mention the 24-hour access of some branches, which are unique in Hong Kong.
Member:Hum. Yes, I'm aware of that.
Membership officer:And on top of that, if you terminate your membership, you will lose the renewal offer and have to pay a joining fee in case you decide to join us again. That will cost you $1,500.
Member:Hm. Well, you know…
Membership officer:And have I also mentioned that we have very limited quotas for this renewal plan? Right now, we only have… 24 quotas left, you’d better act fast!
Member:Alright then, I’ll renew my contract. By the way, do you accept American Express because I left my other credit card somewhere?

會籍主任:是的,我是認真的。根據A.B. Nielsen的一項調查,在年輕專業人士之中,例如律師和會計師,我們是最受歡迎健身中心,就是這個的原因。