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Beauty and Fitness - Persuading payment of membership renewal fee
Workplace English Conversation

Membership officer:So, what do you think about our membership?
Customer:Well… I'm not sure. I need to think about it. I really can't make up my mind now.
Membership officer:Hm. Would you mind telling me what your concerns are?
Customer:Well, I have to say that it’s really too expensive for me.
Membership officer:I see. Um. But think about it this way. It's your health that we’re talking about and it's priceless. For just $8,500, you can enjoy better health! It's definitely worth the investment.
Customer:But still, we're talking about $8,500. It's really a lot.
Membership officer:I understand your concern. Well, maybe we can try to put it into perspective. With better health, you'll spend much less on your medical bills and that's actually a lot of savings.
Membership officer:And have you thought about the fact that it's actually a lot less if you divide the cost by months? Well, let's do the maths together. Yes, the membership fee is $8,500. But don't forget that, it's actually for 24 months. So $8,500 divided by 24, well, it turns out to be just $354 per month. Can you put aside $354 per month, for your health sake?
Customer:Well, yes, I sort of agree, I suppose. It does seem to make more sense now.
Membership officer:And the thing is you don’t need to worry about coming up with $8,500 immediately. We actually offer an instalment plan.
Customer:Oh! Well, you should have told me earlier. Alright then, I'll join, but I have to pay by instalments.
Membership officer:No problem. So, if you could just fill in this form, I could process your application in the end.