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News (before 2015)
14 December 2015

Applications invited for SCOLAR Sponsorship Projects 2016/17

10 June 2015

Appointments to SCOLAR announced

25 April 2015

Towards a Reading City (with photos)

20 March 2015

Enrolment for 2015 World Book Day Fest begins

25 September 2014

Take a journey to Alice's Wonderland to learn English

28 June 2013

Appointments to SCOLAR announced

23 April 2013

Hong Kong's own reading records created (with photos)

7 October 2012

English Alliance 2011/12 holds "English is Everywhere" Fun Day (with photos)

16 February 2012

Anthology of winning entries from English Story-writing Competition for Junior Secondary Students launched

24 June 2011

Appointments to SCOLAR announced

29 November 2009 SCOLAR wraps up Promotion of Putonghua 2009 (with photo)
11 October 2009 Workplace English Campaign launches learning programme to support EAG
13 September 2009 Artiste Alex Fong helps promote Putonghua (with photo)
9 August 2009 LegCo members discuss common errors in use of English in new TV series (with photos)
26 June 2009 Appointments to SCOLAR announced
30 May 2009 Artiste Alex Fong helps promote lively learning and use of Putonghua (with photo)
17 May 2009 SCOLAR's new radio programme promotes Putonghua (with photo)
16 May 2009 Public speaking practice improves Putonghua proficiency: SCOLAR Chairman (with photo)
15 May 2009 Primary students enjoy English drama performances (with photo)
15 March 2009 SCOLAR promotes "lively learning and use of Putonghua" (with photo)
7 February 2009 SCOLAR organises day camps for primary students to promote proper Cantonese pronunciation (with photo)
15 November 2008 SCOLAR assists primary schools to promote "Drama-in-Education" (with photo)
30 October 2008 Government strives to improve English proficiency of local population
16 September 2008 Last call for applications to organise activities promoting Putonghua
26 August 2008 Student tourism ambassadors promote Hong Kong tourism in Putonghua (with photo)
3 August 2008 Celebrities help promote Workplace English Campaign (with photos)
15 May 2008 Workplace English Campaign launches online self-learning platform
7 May 2008 SCOLAR promotes Putonghua through tourism training for secondary students (with photo)
30 March 2008 SCOLAR continues to promote proper Cantonese pronunciation
3 January 2008 SCOLAR intensifies support for schools to teach Chinese in Putonghua
29 November 2007 SCOLAR launches new radio series to promote proper Cantonese pronunciation
15 November 2007 SCOLAR steps up promotion of proper Cantonese pronunciation
7 October 2007 Public event to promote "Say No to 'laan5 jam1' " (with photo)
28 August 2007 TV programme "Say No to 'laan5 jam1' " starts on 3 September (with photo)
22 June 2007 Michael Tien re-appointed as Chairman of SCOLAR
24 May 2007 Primary school students' creative writing highly commended
19 May 2007 Role-playing forum witnesses students' achievement through debating education
19 May 2007 Hip hop music show for secondary school students and teachers (with photo)
12 May 2007 Junior secondary students speak about their views on Hong Kong
5 May 2007 English Festival 2007 – English Language Camp (with photo)
21 April 2007 SCOLAR pledges commitment to quality pre-primary English education
29 March 2007 SCOLAR invites applications for grants to organise activities promoting Putonghua
18 March 2007 Language education experts add momentum to English Festival 2007 (with photo)
26 November 2006 Hong Kong people encouraged to master Putonghua (with photo)
10 November 2006 SCOLAR to stage seven-hour Putonghua Drama Marathon by secondary students
1 November 2006 SCOLAR welcomes new appointment of Permanent Secretary for Education and Manpower (in Chinese only)
29 October 2006 New TV programme to share experience in learning Putonghua (with photo)
24 September 2006 Teacher training on drama and TV programme added to Putonghua Festival
30 July 2006 Proposals invited for activities to promote English in 2007
12 July 2006 SCOLAR launches first-of-its-kind TV programme on debating (with photo)
9 July 2006 Junior secondary students debate on designating World Cup final day as a statutory holiday
31 May 2006 SCOLAR's English Festival participant numbers reach record high
15 May 2006 Primary students sing folk songs to make a Hong Kong record
6 May 2006 Primary students enjoy beauty of English folk songs (with photo)
4 May 2006 Inter-school Putonghua Competition (in Chinese only) (with photo)
22 April 2006 English Festival 2006 – English Survivor (with photo)
4 April 2006 Celebrities recommend books in English Festival 2006 TV programme (with photo)
2 April 2006 English Festival 2006 unveiled with excellent student performances
25 March 2006 SCOLAR steps up promotion of Putonghua
12 February 2006 Leading employers lend their support to WEC new publicity campaign (with photo)
29 November 2005 Debating is good for our students: SCOLAR Chairman
28 November 2005 Employers satisfied with English proficiency of graduate employees: SCOLAR's survey
25 October 2005 WEC invites HRs and SMEs to share experience in workplace English training
19 October 2005 SCOLAR invites entries to debating competition
14 October 2005 English Festival 2005 – Shakespeare-rama: A Midsummer Night's Dream (with photo)
28 August 2005 SCOLAR allocates $300 million to further support professional development of language teachers
27 July 2005 Invitation for proposals for activities promoting English in 2006
19 July 2005 Employers welcome funding for in-house English training
17 June 2005 Appointments to SCOLAR announced
21 May 2005 Over 1.6 million people enjoy SCOLAR's English Festival
30 April 2005 SCOLAR promotes learning English through skipping
11 April 2005 Award-winning students share their experiences in Young Reporters Programme
3 April 2005 Hundreds of people committed to promote English
29 March 2005 Briefing session for public on application for Workplace English Training Grant
15 March 2005 SCOLAR invites applications for grant to organise large-scale activities promoting Putonghua
6 February 2005 English Festival 2005 presents interactive theatrical performances in April
27 December 2004 WEC offers subsidies for in-house tailor-made English training starting 2005
18 December 2004 Students from Chinese middle schools showcase their English proficiency
28 November 2004 Over 100 000 people join SCOLAR's Putonghua Festival 2004
19 November 2004 Forty secondary schools tell their HK stories in SCOLAR's Putonghua Short Play Marathon
27 October 2004 Deadline for Professional Development Incentive Grant Scheme application relaxed
8 October 2004 SCOLAR kicks off drama performance series as one of its annual Putonghua Festival highlights
17 September 2004 SCOLAR Putonghua Festival presents free computerised testing and seminars
30 August 2004 SCOLAR encourages applications for teacher professional development grants
6 June 2004 Free seminar on benefits of Workplace English Benchmarks
12 April 2004 Over 8 000 people make wishes for better English during Easter
10 April 2004 Kelly Chen throws her weight behind workplace English
7 April 2004 English-promoting exhibition on Easter holidays
12 March 2004 Professional Development Incentive Grant Scheme for Language Teachers launched
17 February 2004 SCOLAR calls for proposals for English Festival 2005
13 January 2004 SCOLAR sets new direction for Workplace English Campaign
29 November 2003 New Sunday TV series to promote employees' proficiency in English
26 October 2003 Workplace English Campaign raises language standards
6 October 2003 SCOLAR launches English in the Air 2003/04 project
27 June 2003 SCOLAR releases "Action Plan to Raise Language Standards in Hong Kong"
27 June 2003 Appointments to SCOLAR announced
2 June 2003 Workplace English Campaign launches new round of publicity for 2003
28 March 2003 Appointment of SCOLAR extended
15 March 2003 Post offices to sell Language Fund products
24 February 2003 Applications for Workplace English Training Course Development Grant
29 January 2003 SCOLAR launches English in the Air project
21 January 2003 Public Consultation Sessions on SCOLAR language education review
2 January 2003 Consultation launched on Language Education Review
1 December 2002 Artiste Kelly Chen joins fun show to boost workplace English
29 November 2002 Current term of SCOLAR extended
18 October 2002 Workplace English Campaign embarks on second round of publicity
9 April 2002 Artiste Kelly Chen supports Workplace English Campaign
9 March 2002 Students learn English in fun-filled camp
7 March 2002 SCOLAR invites proposals for promotion of Putonghua (in Chinese only)
2 March 2002 Over 11 000 students participate in territory-wide English Camp
22 February 2002 Seminar on Workplace English Campaign
15 July 2001 SCOLAR Publication (in Chinese only)
12 February 2001 BoE and SCOLAR discuss Medium of Instruction Policy
27 January 2001 Three working sub-committees formed under SCOLAR
10 November 2000 Appointments to SCOLAR
29 August 2000 Award-winning actor supports Workplace English Campaign
16 June 2000 Putonghua Summer Immersion Course Subsidy Scheme
15 June 2000 Workplace English 2nd phase funding starts tomorrow
23 May 2000 Workplace English 2nd phase funding starts next month
16 May 2000 5 000 employees approved for workplace English funding
28 February 2000 Application opens for workplace English funding in March
1 February 2000 Benchmarking of Workplace English Standard
22 January 2000 Business and schools partnership programme
17 January 2000 Workplace English Campaign "One Minute's English" programme
16 December 1999 Putonghua Summer Immersion Course Subsidy Scheme
26 November 1999 Pilot testing for benchmarks of workplace English
26 October 1999 Government to promote benchmarking workplace English
9 September 1999 English in Workplace Campaign
9 September 1999 Putonghua as MOI for Chinese Language Subject
4 August 1999 English in the Workplace Campaign being planned
7 December 1998 SCOLAR discusses future language education strategies
2 November 1998 Appointments to SCOLAR
23 October 1998 More language projects approved by Language Fund
24 September 1998 SCOLAR supports research on effectiveness of NET scheme
16 July 1998 More Language Fund projects approved
7 July 1998 Fund endorsed to support mother-tongue teaching measures
11 June 1998 Roving exhibition on Language Fund projects
26 April 1998 Another batch of Language Fund projects approved