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Research & Development

To facilitate the formulation of language education policies, SCOLAR has been supporting both top-down and bottom-up research and development (R&D) projects to initiate longitudinal research and comparative studies in local and international settings on various language or language education-related areas, such as language use, language learning/teaching approaches, resources development, etc., as well as to examine the latest demographic, societal and economic developments and educational needs of Hong Kong people.

Top-down R&D projects include (i) Scheme on Early Language and Literacy Development in Chinese and English Language of Young Children; (ii) Language Landscape Studies; (iii) Project for Developing Chinese Learning and Teaching Materials for Non-Chinese Speakers in Hong Kong; and (iv) Incentive Scheme on the Development of Chinese Language Graded Readers for Non-Chinese Speaking Children.

Since 2014, SCOLAR has been funding various bottom-up R&D projects on priority themes set by SCOLAR. Academics and researchers are encouraged to submit proposals for grants on research and development projects. Open calls for applications of R&D Projects 2021-22, R&D Projects 2018-19 and R&D Projects 2015-16 were completed.