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Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) was established in October 1996, to advise the Government on language education issues in general as well as the use of the Language Fund.

Since its establishment, with a view to enabling the people of Hong Kong, particularly students and working adults, to become biliterate (in written Chinese and English) and trilingual (in Cantonese, Putonghua and spoken English), SCOLAR, through the use of the Language Fund, has complemented and supplemented the efforts of the Government, other advisory bodies and stakeholders by funding and implementing various initiatives, as summarised below –

1996-2002 Implemented research and development projects on language learning and conducted language projects to enrich the language environment

Completed a review on the language education policies and measures in Hong Kong, and published the report "Action Plan to Raise Language Standards in Hong Kong - Final Report of Language Education Review" in 2003

Strengthened professional development of Chinese language (including Putonghua) and English language teachers, provided school-based support and offered grant schemes to schools

2011-2013 Conducted research studies on language education issues and continued to create a facilitating language environment
Implementing learner-centred initiatives to further enhance the people of Hong Kong to become biliterate and trilingual From 2014 onwards


Since 2014, emphases have been placed on the following six key strategic areas:

11901_SCOLAR_45x45_icon_V2_8OCT_Page_1.png i. facilitating effective language education policy formulation and implementation through initiating longitudinal research and comparative studies in local and international settings;
11901_SCOLAR_45x45_icon_V2_8OCT_Page_2.png ii. strengthening support of language learning in Chinese and English in very early years;
11901_SCOLAR_45x45_icon_V2_8OCT_Page_3.png iii. enhancing professional preparation and continuing development of language teachers;
11901_SCOLAR_45x45_icon_V2_8OCT_Page_4.png iv. catering for learners' diversity, including the needs of non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students;
11901_SCOLAR_45x45_icon_V2_8OCT_Page_5.png v.

creating and nurturing a facilitating language learning environment for students in and beyond school settings through partnership with relevant stakeholders, in particular the community; and

11901_SCOLAR_45x45_icon_V2_8OCT_Page_6.png vi. raising language proficiency of Hong Kong's workforce in response to the changing language landscape.



Projects in the recent seven years