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Customer Services - Giving suggestions
Workplace English Conversation

Sales representative:Good afternoon. Ozone Office Supplies, this is Ron. Can I help you?
Customer:Yes, this is Elaine Chester from Excite Tours. I've just ordered 30 projectors from your company, but I just realise that they only come with a 1-year warranty. Can you give me an extended warranty, please?
Sales representative:I'm afraid we don't provide free extended warranties. I'd suggest you join our 3-year warranty plan. If you purchase this individual warranty plan for all 30 projectors, I can provide you with a discount of $200 for each projector.
Customer:$200 is a good deal, but $200 for each projector will add up to a big amount.
Sales representative:Another suggestion for you is to join our group warranty plan which will be at a flat rate of $5,000 for three years. However, I'd suggest you purchase the individual plan as there is a maximum of 30 free repairs for the 3-year group plan.
Customer:30 repairs only? That’s not enough for three years. I think it cannot be realistic for us.
Sales representative:Why don't you call me back after you think about it? You can join either plan within 30 days of purchase.
Customer:That’s a good idea. I'll call you back when I've made up my mind. Thank you. Bye.
Sales representative:Have a good day. Bye.

客戶:我是Excite Tours的Elaine Chester。我在貴公司訂了30台投影機,但我剛發現你們只提供1年保養。請問可否延長保養期呢?