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Customer Services - Giving information about bus stop
Workplace English Conversation

Staff:How may I help you, sir?
Guest:Um, I'd like to do some shopping in the Harbour City. Is there a bus which goes there?
Staff:Umm, yes. Go out of the restaurant and turn right. Walk along Queen Street for 2 minutes, pass the hospital and you’ll see a bus stop on your right.
Guest:So I go out of the restaurant, turn right and go along Queen Street?
Staff:That's right.
Guest:Thank you very much. But which bus goes to the Harbour City? 7 or 17? How forgetful I am!
Staff:Do you want me to call the bus company to ask?
Guest:Really? Can you? That would be great. Thank you so much.
Staff:You're welcome, sir. Just a moment, please.

客人:謝謝你。 但哪一輛巴士去海港城呢?是7號還是17號?我真善忘!
員工:先生,不用客氣。 請稍等。