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Beauty and Fitness - Selling product
Workplace English Conversation

Exhibitor:Excuse me, madam. Have we met before? Let me introduce myself. I'm Chris Dupont. I work for B&D company, as a Sales Officer.
Customer:Oh, really? Maybe. I have worked there before, in the Purchasing Department.
Exhibitor:I see. Nice to meet you again. Did you find anything interesting?
Customer:Not yet, I’m afraid, which is why I'm asking for a recommendation for face wash.
Exhibitor:You’ve asked the right person. This papaya and strawberry skin foam wash contains vitamin E extracts, which lighten and protect your skin. It's also oil-free and suitable for skin of all ages. The papaya and strawberry extracts leave a natural healthy glow on your skin. Would you like to place an order now?
Customer:Um. Wait a minute. Would you give me an extra 2% discount?

參展商:小姐,不好意思。我們有見過面嗎?請讓我自我介紹。我是Chris Dupont。我在B&D公司工作,擔任銷售主任。