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Beauty and Fitness - Giving suggestions on membership upgrade
Workplace English Conversation

Fitness consultant:Hello, Miss. I've noticed that you’re currently a gold member. Would you consider upgrading it to platinum?
Customer:Platinum? What do I get for being a platinum member?
Fitness consultant:Well, for just a slightly higher annual fee, you can enjoy unlimited access to all our clubs. You know, it's a lot more convenient.
Customer:Hm. No, thank you. You know I live in this neighbourhood, so I prefer visiting this club. And I've actually been to other clubs before and I think they aren't as nice as this one.
Fitness consultant:I see. That's alright. No problem. Oh, by the way, would you like to hire a personal locker? You know, so you don't need to carry your trainers and shampoo with you all the time. That’s such a hassle.
Customer:Oh! How much is that?
Fitness consultant:It's just $80 per month and the locker is actually quite big.
Customer:Well, that sounds great! I'll get one then.
Fitness consultant:Great! And, by the way, have you heard that we've just opened a yoga centre? We’re offering a special package now, exclusively for our gym members.
Customer:Hm. No, thank you. I'm not really into yoga, not interested in twisting my limbs.
Fitness consultant:No problem. Anyway, here's a leaflet for you. Maybe some of your friends would be interested.
Customer:Okay, I'll pass it on to them.
Fitness consultant:Thanks so much. Oh! And before I forget, we’re currently offering a buy-5-get-1-free package for personal training. You get a free session if you buy 5 sessions. Are you interested?
Customer:No, thank you. I can always ask my friends to give me a few tips. I don't really need personal training.
Fitness consultant:Alright. No problem. Now, here's the application form for your locker. Could you please fill in all details?

健身中心顧問:好的。明白。沒問題。 順帶一提,你需要租用個人儲物櫃嗎?這樣你便不用每次都攜帶你的運動鞋和洗髮水。這樣很麻煩的。