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Research and Development Project Dissemination Conference of SCOLAR

On 9 May 2019 (Thursday), SCOLAR hosted the Research and Development Project Dissemination Conference on the theme of “Advancing Excellence in Language Education: From Research and Development to Innovative Practice” for disseminating the findings and deliverables of the bottom-up research and development projects funded by SCOLAR through the use of the Language Fund. The Conference aimed at creating an open, quality and inspiration platform for exchange of views and experiences, with a view to exploring how fruitful research findings can be applied to benefit the development of effective pedagogical approaches in classrooms and shed light on current practice.







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Presentations of Parallel Sessions
Session Topic Document
Parallel Sessions I Integrating Content and Language Learning in EMI Education – Exploring "Thematic Patterns" as Pedagogical Strategies
Informing Pedagogy Through Exploring and Reforming Assessment Practices in EMI Education
Hong Kong Senior Secondary Students' Problems in Reading Classical Chinese Texts and the Effectiveness of Current Classical Chinese Reading Instruction
Parallel Sessions II Supporting Students' Academic Discourse Development in Sub-Degree Programmes: An Adjunct Language-Across-the-Curriculum Instructional Model
L2 Classroom Talk and Subject Content Learning: Investigating the Relationship Between L2 Learning and Content Learning in EMI Mathematics and Science Classrooms
Literacy Challenges and Students' Strategic Language Learning Efforts During the Primary-Secondary Transition
Brief Introduction of the Interlanguage Corpus of Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Learners of Chinese in Hong Kong Primary Schools
Parallel Sessions III Analysing English Leaners' Experiences in the Transition From Senior Secondary Mainstream and Shadow Education to University Studies
Developing an Intelligent Tool for Computer-Assisted Formulaic Sequence Learning From YouTube Videos
Enhancement of Language Learning and Personal Growth Through Growing-up Stories: Transition and Connection of Teaching and Learning in Upper Primary and Junior Secondary Schooling